15 Creative Wedding Video Invitation Ideas

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A girl meets a guy, they fall in love, get married, and live happily forever. Who does not like this story? Of all of these stages, getting married is probably the most exciting. And getting married begins with deciding on the wedding invitations that go to the guests. 

There are so many types of invitations at various price points out there that it can get intimidating. Most to-be-wedded couples care for their wedding invitations to stand out more than anything else. 

Something that used to be a piece of paper reminding people of the date and venue of the wedding is now a big part of the wedding. People spend a substantial amount of money on wedding invitations. 

Some invitations these days are elaborate gift baskets complete with alcohol bottles in them. We will look at a hot trend in the wedding invitation world today. Video wedding invitations. These are complete with music, dance, and drama, and they vie for the Oscars.

15 Creative Wedding Video Invitation Ideas

Let’s see how you can make your unique wedding videos with these 15 creative ideas.

1. Movie Trailer Video

Movie trailer invitation is the perfect video for Bollywood lovers. A trailer has all the ingredients to make a hit movie. Imagine telling your story with a Game of Thrones or Star Wars-style theme.

Your guests will love it, and you will have a lot of fun filming it. There are enough companies that specialize in theme-based video shoots. Enlist one of them to make your most special trailer to the life that awaits you.

2. Our Story Video

The cutest thing you can put in your wedding invitation video is your story. Reenact your love story, tell your guests how you met and fell in love. This will not only be a great video for your future children to see but will make your invitation stand out.

Uniqueness is what people go for to stand out, and everyone’s love story is unique. Bank on that, and make a flashback video to wow your guests. Use a good wedding invitation maker that allows you to create this easily.

3. Animation

This style of wedding video is for video game and anime enthusiasts. You can stick to either the movie trailer or your story theme but instead of you, add animations. Many animation studios will be happy to make your own anime edition for your special day.

Choose a traditional Japanese Anime theme or our very one desi Chota Bheem. Whatever you pick, it is sure to be unique and one of its kind. 

4. Movie Credits Style

You can choose movie credits or a movie introduction style of wedding invitation if you prefer to keep things simple. The video may not have you in it, but it will be far from being too simple. 

Remember how exciting movie introductions are? Recreate the excitement of the crescendo movie when the movie name is introduced. It will get your guests excited about what to expect for the wedding.

5. Google Map Style

You can make your love story geeky by using Google Earth and tell your story by pointing to places that are important for you. It can be the places you were born in or the vacations you took.

The storytelling using moving points on a revolving map builds suspense and will make your video exciting. It is easy to make but still very unique. 

6. Celebrity Invitation

Do you know that you can pay to have celebrities record a message for you? Several platforms will connect you to a celebrity. You can use their message of inviting your guests to the wedding in your invitation video. How exciting is that?

7. Traditional Invitation

Have your parents invite your guests the traditional way in a video. Tradition is charming. It demands the parents invite every single guest in person by visiting their homes. With the changing world and this pandemic, a video invitation is the closest to the following tradition.

8. Pre-wedding Photoshoot

Many couples now have pre-wedding photoshoots as a part of the wedding process. It is a celebration of two beautiful people coming together. You get a higher RoI by including these photos in your wedding video. Plus, these are professionally clicked photos, so they will look great!

9. The magical Engagement 

Another storyline you can use in your wedding video is to either show your engagement moments or recreate them. When the boy goes on his knees and asks a girl to marry him is magical. Your guests would love to see your special moment on your wedding invitation video.

10. The Dancing Video

Are you from a family that needs no excuses to dance? Enlist your loved ones for a grand dancing video. Hire a choreographer and turn your family into actors. Choose a great song and show your guests how excited you are to see them at your wedding.  

11. The TikTok Trend Video

Take the dancing video a notch higher. Pick a popular TikTok/Reels trend and dance to it. This wedding video has two advantages. You can use this as a part of your wedding invitation to guests you want to invite. You can also share this content on reels and go viral.

Just remember not to add the date and venue of your wedding in the reels version. You may end up hosting thousands of your followers at your wedding otherwise!

12. Destination Wedding 

If you are having a destination wedding, use the excuse of the wedding video to show off the location. Your guests will be wowed at the choice of venue and the effort that is going into planning your wedding.

13. Caricature Videos

If wit is your thing, hire a caricature artist to draw a fun story. Use it in your wedding invitation video to blow people’s minds away. When you choose a medium like this, the sky’s the limit to how creative you can be.

14. Candid DIY

A charming theme for a wedding invitation video is candid footage. Turn the professional filming on its head, and instead of the original, sophisticated video, use the blooper reel. You are bound to surprise your guests, and they will love seeing your playful side.

15. Monochrome Slow Motion

Monochrome videos are for those with an artistic inclination. It takes a lot of creativity not to make a monochrome video look like a boring documentary. To take the creativity a notch higher, try using slow-motion video in monochrome. Not many people will be brave enough to try this out, and you are guaranteed to stand out.


As you have seen, there are limitless possibilities when you put your thinking caps on for your wedding invitation video. Take a little bit of inspiration, help from friends and family, and some professionals to sprinkle the pixie dust. And before you know it, you will have a jaw-dropping wedding invitation video.

Now that you have read our 15 amazing tips, go and do your own thing. Have a fantastic experience making your wedding invitation video, and may you have a healthy and prosperous life ahead. 

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