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Fur Babies v2 Photoshop Actions

Here in this post, you can Free Download Fur Babies v2 Photoshop Action compressed files through the below link. Fur Babies Photoshop Action is Suitable for creative pet photographers, Complete fine art animal editing workflow, so you can transform your animal images into stunning fine-art “pawtraits” time & time again. You can also check our category of Photoshop Actions.

Fur Babies v2 Photoshop Actions

Before And After Images of Fur Babies v2 Photoshop Actions:

Below I have shared with you (Before And After) images after applying Fur Babies Actions. you can see those images to get a better idea before downloading.

Fur Babies v2 Photoshop Actions

Fur Babies v2 Photoshop Actions is Suitable for Mac/Windows with Adobe Photoshop versions CS5 – CS6, Creative Cloud, and Elements (PSE) 11+.

No matter where you are in your pet photography journey, this is a game changer for modern photographers who want to confidently create timeless high-end animal captures, that stand out. Finally, say goodbye to feeling like your images are missing that special something or spending hours editing and instead, rely on a proven process that allows you to consistently create the most stunning pet images imaginable for your clients. You Can Also Free Download Top 69 Best Photoshop Actions 2023 Pack.

Fur Babies takes care of everything, but leaves you in complete control. Brush on silky fur, enhance those sweet features, add depth and hazy blurs, instantly fix the white balance and shadows, and mix the light diffuse finishers to create your signature style… all without affecting the original image and all fully editable. This means you can edit those sumptuous fine-art animal portraits you’ve always dreamed of and you can elevate your business to the next level with stand-out, scroll-stopping images. The possibilities are endless with gorgeous results time and time again.

How Does It Work Fur Babies Photoshop Actions?

Don’t let the user-friendly interface fool you: this high-end action workflow is so powerful, each command intelligently adapts to suit your image, so you can create stunning finishes every time (even if the shoot didn’t go to plan, the settings were all wrong or the dog ran off with your lens cap…)

1. Load Into Photoshop

Just double click and it’s installed, and instantly ready to use. Arranged in a colored panel.

2. Choose The Action & Click

The commands will play out in seconds, leaving you with an easy to use masked layer, up top and independent of the background, so you can open up to tweak further if needed.

3. Paint On To Reveal

(As shown in the video). Simply paint where you want the effect to show. It even chooses the correct brush for you! Use time and time again to achieve stunning results. The Diffuse Finishers play out over your entire image so you can simply slide the opacity to suit.

What’s Inside?

16 Instant Image Balance Base Tools

  • Click to correctly balance your image in seconds to create the perfect editing foundation.

11 Powerful Retouch Brush Layers

  • Every brush you will ever need for editing fur, feathers, and features

3 Mucky Pup Brush Layers

  • It’s just like a trip to the groomer’s

9 Color Toners

  • Instantly paint away unwanted color casts and tone where it’s needed most

Hide Leash, Collar, Harness & Distractions Action

  • Flawlessly remove any unprofessional distractions from your image. So fast & easy

7 L’Artist Enhance Brushes

  • Including silky painterly fur, hazy halos, and blurs… A perfectly tailored, painterly finesse that will set your work apart from all the others

20 Light Diffuse Overlays

  • From rich browns and muted golden tones to midnight blues, jewel greens, and all the color harmonies in between, blend to create that magical finish you’ve been longing for.

4 Polished Finish Tools

  • The perfect dynamic finish in a snap, including Black & White

5 Social & Web Resizers

  • Creates a separate image, so no saving over the original

What’s Included?

  • 75 Professional Photoshop Actions in color-coded workflow order. Everything you need to transform your images into stunning detailed, rich toned fine-art pet portraits time and time again.
  • Installation Guide so you can get up and running in seconds.

 Zip File Password: www.photoshopresource.com 



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