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Watercolor FX Photo Effects Plugin

Here in this post, you can Free Download Watercolor FX Photo Effects Plugin FYQ89RG compress files through the below link. Watercolors FX creates a realistic looking watercolor illustration from your image with just one click. Sources such as portraits, object images and landscapes are best suited. You Can Free Download MobKnife Photoshop Plugin.

Watercolor FX Photo Effects Plugin

Screenshot Images of Watercolor FX Photo Effects Plugin:

Below I have shared with you screenshot images of Watercolor FX Photo Effect Plugin to get a better idea before downloading. You Can Free Download ActionBox V5.2 (BMP) Photoshop Plugin For Lifetime.

Watercolor FX Photo Effects Plugin

When creating the sketch, the source is automatically optimized

  • best effects setup
  • Resize small images
  • center masked areas

After creating the watercolor illustration, it can be edited as follows:

  1. Change color, contrast and presets
  2. Hide or change overlay effects
  3. Play around with the visibility or opacity, blending mode of each detail layer like flow, splatter, and pencil strokes
  4. change the background color

It’s that simple – Here’s how it works

  1. Mask the area of ​​the source image to be watercolored.
  2. Click Paint Now!
  3. Adjust the overlay effects, levels of detail, and background colors

Good to know:

  • You must first install the free FX Box to load the Watercolor FX Tool
  • The source image is always left untouched
  • The color mode of the output image is always RGB with a resolution of 300 dpi
  • When optimized, the longest side of the final watercolor illustration will be at least 3000 pixels.
  • The Watercolor FX tool is language independent
  • Works with PC and MAC

What you get:

  • Installation set for Photoshop CC 2014 +
  • Instructions PDF + video tutorials
  • Installer to load the Watercolor FX into the FX Box
  • FX Box v1.1
  • Installation set for Photoshop CC 2022 and newer
  • Instructions PDF + video tutorials
  • Plugin Installer

 Zip File Password: www.photoshopresource.com 



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